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My Approach

Tolle Totum is latin for ‘treat the WHOLE person’  and that's exactly what  I do. 


There is no "one diet that fits all"​. Everyone is unuque. 

I use Holistic approach treating every client as a unique individual.

Instead of looking at one single problem, I am taking into consideration all the possible factors, such as all health conditions and symptoms, family history, stress level, social factors, current diet  -  all the aspects of client's lifestyle, as well as emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. 

Holistic approach is when we look at the body as WHOLE,

considering all the body systems and their interconnection with each other, while

looking for the root cause of an issue.

My goal is to find a causative factors of health imbalances on all levels,

educate by providing a client with useful and relevant information,

inspire and motivate to do steps towards healthier, better and happier Self.


Initial Consultation

1 hr 30 min




45 min


* Prices are in USD

Your Body is your Temple.

Treat it accordingly.